Before you hire professional movers to take care of all your moving needs, you are probably going to want to understand how the process works.

The basics of the process aren’t that difficult to figure out — we move your stuff from one location to another — but there are some nuances that people commonly ask us about. Therefore, we have compiled this list of frequently asked moving questions.

Some of the answer to this question depends on your own availability. If you need to move within a month, the best time for you to move is sometime during that month. However, things are busiest for moving companies May through September. Therefore, if your schedule allows, it is best to avoid these months. October through April is when we’re the least busy, which means that is we can offer you our best prices.

Our on-site estimator will arrive at your home or office at the predetermined time and estimate the weight and size of all the times you plan to move. They can also help you determine dates, whether or not you’ll need packing services, and answer any other questions you might have about our services.

A Local Move is typically any move under 50 miles and is most often charged at an hourly rate because the move is completed all in one day.

A Long Distance Move can be both within the state (intrastate) or to a different state (interstate) and is usually greater than 50 miles. Pricing is usually calculated based on the amount of stuff you are moving, its weight, and the distance travelled.

Also known as the B/L or BOL, this document is essentially a contract between you and the mover. It contains a lot of incredibly important information: the dates of the move, the identification number for the truck(s) that perform the move, the minimum and maximum cost of the move for promised services, and more. It is therefore important you look over the bill of lading closely.

There are all sorts of reasons why you might need to change your moving day. We understand life does not always fit perfectly into a schedule. That said, if you know your moving date has changed, please contact us as soon as possible. Also keep in mind that our rates may change based on the date.

If you need to change your address, you can go to the Post Office or online at Don’t forget to change it at all the places that rely on your address: your credit card company, your bank, etc.

Meehan’s Family Moving is proud to be members of the American Moving& Storage Association (AMSA). The AMSA gives guidelines to moving companies and insures that companies are licensed and insured and comply with Federal Regulations. We promise only the best moving services for our customers!