What is a Relocation Specialist?


A relocation specialist is a professional who helps with aspects of the moving process, generally hired by clients who don’t have time to handle the process themselves. A relocation specialist is knowledgeable about the area their client is moving into and can suggest specific properties and real estate. They can also coordinate logistics like packing and unpacking.

That’s the general outline of what a relocation specialist does. But how exactly does the nitty-gritty of the job work? What are the benefits of hiring one? Read on to find out.

They Know Location

Almost more than anything else, what a relocation specialist can most help you with is zeroing in on a particular area once you know where you want to move. They have extensive knowledge of local schools, businesses, and services, and can advise and guide your moving decisions.

Looking to move into a specific income bracket? They know just the right little town that suits your needs. A relocation specialist is a far more relevant and comprehensive source of information than a google search or realtor.

Planning is Priority

The other main benefit to hiring a relocation specialist is if you don’t have time to deal with all of the logistics of your move. Relocation specialists can help you stay on budget, ensuring that you don’t spend more than you’ve allocated. Often, they have contacts with moving companies and can suggest one that caters to your needs and budget.

There are a thousand and one minor details that crop up when making a move. If you don’t have time to deal with them, a relocation specialist is there to handle them.

Who Uses a Relocation Specialist?

Those with high profile enough jobs to both be able to afford one, and lack time to handle all the details of a move themselves. CEOs, athletes, and high priced lawyers or doctors are all professionals for whom it doesn’t make sense to sweat the little stuff themselves.

For example, in a previous post, we looked at the process of how the president moves into the White House. A relocation specialist is exactly suited to that kind of situation, and would be invaluable: the president elect’s time is already at a premium, and figuring out furniture and decor details isn’t something that requires his personal attention.

Meehan’s Family Moving

Alas, some of us don’t have access to a relocation specialist. The next best thing? A moving company you can trust. Here at Meehan’s Family Moving we pride ourselves on making your move easy and as least stressful as possible.

Give us a call today at (561) 904-6000 and find out more about our local and long distance moving services.

long distance and cross-country moving

The Differences in Cost of Living Between States

In many ways, moving cross country in the U.S. is much easier than moving to another country. You don’t need to learn a new language, don’t have to trade in your money for new bills, and you don’t have to acclimate to a new culture and pace of life.

However, there’s one thing that most people don’t consider: the change in the cost of living.

Cost of living fluctuates a huge amount from state to state. States on the lower end of the economic spectrum will cost you less to live in, but also tend to be farther away from the major cities. This post will break down all you need to know about the cost of living and how to choose wisely between different states.

long distance movingHow Do You Calculate the Cost of Living?

Cost of living is calculated by measuring and indexing the average price of necessities like housing, utilities, transportation, food, and healthcare, and comparing it to the cost of the same items in other states. Housing is probably the single greatest cost and tends to be a good informal measuring stick of cost of living.

What State has the Lowest Cost of Living?

Mississippi is the state with the lowest cost of living, followed by Kentucky and Arkansas. These states are so cheap because of the low price of housing, utilities, transportation, food, and healthcare. In Mississippi, the median home price is $112,000, 5 times less than that of the most expensive state (Hawaii, at $589,500).

What State has the Highest Cost of Living?

Hawaii. Because of its natural beauty, beaches, and attraction as a tourist location, closely followed by New York, Delaware, California, and Connecticut. Hawaii and New York both have high housing costs, though for different reasons: beaches for the former, and the lack of space for the latter.

cost of living between statesWhy is Hawaii so Expensive?

The main reason Hawaii is so expensive to live in is that almost all supplies like food or gas must be shipped in from the mainland, driving prices upward. Due to its natural beauty, Hawaii attracts successful CEOs and business people who want to vacation or retire in paradise and are willing to pay a premium for it.

Hawaii also has the highest quality of life of all the states. Strangely, New York, second for cost of living, comes in at 22nd for quality of life. Delaware ranks 26th and California 23d. Just goes to prove that beach always beats city when it comes to relaxing.

Florida’s Cost of Living

So, what about down here in Florida? We’re not too bad. We’ve got a good balance of a low cost of living (28th) and high quality of life (26th). Or maybe you already live here, and are moving to another state? Here at Meehan’s Family Moving we can help you with either.

Moving Long Distance? We Can Help

Ready to get started on your cross-country move? Call the South Florida moving professionals at Meehan’s Family Moving. We have 50 years of experience helping families get settled into their new home, and we never drop the ball!

For affordable and reliable local and long distance packing and moving services, contact us today (561) 904-6000 to learn more about how we can help you make the right move!

white house moving

How To: Move into the White House

At some point, everyone’s thought about what it would be like to be president. The changes you’d make, what it’d be like to live in the White House, you name it. But a question most of us have never even thought of is: How does the president move into the White House?

Simply put, the new president can’t start moving into the White House before noon on Inauguration Day, 12 hours after the previous president vacated it. He is required to hire his own private movers to pack and move his home to the White House grounds, where staff then take it inside and arrange it to his liking.

Strange, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got more in depth explanations of what to expect on moving day. Here’s what you should know about presidential moving.

1. You’ll Only Visit the White House Once Before You Move In

The first family gets very little chance to get to know the White House before moving in for the next four to eight years. Until noon on Inauguration Day, the White House is still fully considered the home of the previous president. The new president will likely see it when the previous president invites him to meet initially, but it will be the last time he sees it until after Inauguration Day.

To ensure a smooth move, the president’s team of professional movers rely on extensive floor plans and pictures to decide how furniture should be arranged, rooms assigned, and paint decided on.

2. Hire Private Movers

It seems strangely mundane, but for the move to the White House, the new president must pay out of pocket for private movers just like anyone else. The secret service will guard and monitor the movers as they pack and transport the new president’s possession’s, but that’s where their job ends.

Ironically, the president’s private movers are prohibited from entering the White House itself. They deliver the new president’s belongings to the White House grounds, where they then pass them onto the White House staff.

3. You Can Decorate the Oval Office However You Want

Except for its shape, the Oval Office can be decorated and arranged however the new president wants. Chairs, sofas, tables, and paintings can all be changed or new ones brought in to replace the old.

Much of the White House can be redecorated and remodeled, and not just the private spaces where the first family lives. When a new administration takes over, everything changes but the building itself.

white house washington dcA Humbler Kind of Move with Meehan’s Family Moving

We may never be hired to move the president into the White House, but here at Meehan’s Family Moving, we’ll make you feel like one. We’ve been moving families and businesses locally and long distance in Palm Beach County for the last 10 years. As your trusted family movers, we’ll make your move easy, fast, and affordable.

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Throw a Moving Sale: Decluttering Tips and More

When you’re moving house, you’ll want to move as few items as possible. Downsizing is a great way to cut the volume of work associated with moving, as well as the moving costs. The best way to downsize is by selling your unwanted or unneeded goods.

Not only does this save you money during the move, but you’ll make some money back from the sale. You can expect to make anywhere from 15-75% of the item’s original value.

Check out the following tips for setting up a smooth and profitable moving sale experience.


Consider parking arrangements. Can several cars park with ease nearby? Prepare for the possibility that a lot of people may show up all at once. Find out if your Homeowner’s Association has any rules or regulations on parking before moving day arrives.

Restrictions May Apply

There may be constraints placed on personal sales depending on where you live. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with these rules and regulations before advertising your sale. Check with local officials about any restrictions, permits, or taxes that may apply.

Advertpacking for a moveise the Sale

Once you’re sure that you’ve jumped over all the red tape, you can begin to advertise your sale. Set a date and announce the sale online and in local newspapers.

Advertise the date, time, and place of the sale. Mention the parking situation with clear instructions.

Price Check!

Set aside items for sale and price them accordingly. Create an inventory list and organize items by type.

Label everything with prices so that it is clear. You don’t want shoppers to ask for prices every five minutes!

Why Not Haggle?

Everyone wants a good bargain, so prepare to haggle with people. If you’re flexible on the price, an item will likely sell a lot faster.

Split the Event

Consider sharing the event with another person. Check to see if a friend or neighbor wants to get in on the action. Split the work and have some fun while you’re at it!

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From now until the end of 2016, We’re offering a 10% discount on all local and long distance packing and moving services for law enforcement officials. Thank you for serving the South Florida community and keeping our families and loved ones safe. As Palm Beach County’s premier moving company, let Meehan’s Family Moving serve you!

Make the Right Move with Meehan’s Family Moving

Once you’ve downsized accordingly and uncluttered your home, it’s time for the actual move to begin. To learn more about our full-service moving solutions, contact us today at (561) 904-6000 to schedule your free, no-obligation quote on our packing and moving services.

pet moving

4 Tips for Moving with Dogs

You’ve found your new home and whether it’s across town or across the country, it’s an exciting time for a change. However, before the daunting process of packing and unpacking hits you, you’re met with an even more anxious-yet-adorable packed dilemma: your dog(s).

If moving is as stressful for you, imagine the stress for your furry friends as they watch you dismantle everything in their secure space without so much but a clue of why or what is happening.

Here are a few tips to ensure your dogs (and you) are at ease during your move:

1. Keep your dog in a safe and comfortable area at all times.

While rummaging through your things and organizing their place in boxes, the sounds of loud clinks along with the noises from lifting heavy furniture will more than likely make your dog uneasy.

Be sure to keep them contained in a safe area where they won’t cause any harm to themselves or feel the need to escape as the front door may be accidentally open. Simply closing them in rooms and placing something familiar like their bed or their toys, will keep them secure. Keeping them in their crate or perhaps asking a friend/family member to babysit them at their home could also be an option.

Containing them in their favorite room of the house and packing it up last is another way to decrease the stress of commotion they will have to endure.

moving with pets2. Maintain your dog’s routine and spoil them a little more.

With all the ruckus going on, it’s important that your dogs don’t feel a huge dent in their routine during or after your move.

Their neediness and attention-seeking will be at an all-time high as they are in need of some normalcy.

An effective way to keep them distracted and feeling secure is by making sure to take them for their daily walks (perhaps more
often than normal) — and/or by taking them to a local dog park to release some of that anxious energy. This will help the dog relax and not commit destructive behavior because they feel like their world is falling apart.

It also doesn’t hurt to give them a couple of more belly rubs and/or spoil them with their favorite treats!

3. Make sure to tend to your dog’s needs while traveling to your new home.

Whether the distance to your location is short or long, traveling can easily induce your dog to high excitement/anxiety.

If you are driving, it is recommended that your dog is placed in a crate as to not cause any additional distractions while you are on the road. Though you might be eager to arrive at your new home and want to decrease the time by not having to stop, keep in mind that your dogs need to go potty every four to six hours.

When traveling by plane, create a check-list of all things your dog will need before and after the trip. Copies of up-to-date vaccinations, liability forms, bagged dog food, towels, toys, etc. are just a couple of things you will need to add to your list. If you are planning to stay somewhere for the night, be sure to arrange accommodations ahead of time as not all lodging is pet-friendly.

Regardless of the method of transportation, your dogs need to feel as loved and as tended to during your travels. Consider bringing a comfy blanket or a piece of clothing that smells like you. This will add that extra loving touch and naturally offer your pups more comfort.

moving with dogs4. Keep yourself as calm and as stress-free as possible.

Dogs have an amazing vulnerability to human emotions, which therefore makes them receptive to whatever we are feeling.

According to Green Acres Kennel (http://www.greenacreskennel.com/dog-behavior-and-training/understanding-canine-stress), your stress can be easily manifested and picked up by your dog. Try to maintain your stress and irritability levels low during the upheaval of moving.

If the process of moving causes more angst than you can handle, consider hiring a local moving company like Meehan’s Family Moving to lighten the burden and to ensure that your family (including your furry friends) will have less tension. No howling or whining to worry about!

meehans family movingPalm Beach County’s Most Trusted Family Movers

Planning a local or long distance home or office move? Meehan’s Family Moving is here to make it easy. Our team of professional Palm Beach movers offer full-service packing and moving solutions to fit your budget and make your next big move fast, affordable, and convenient.

No matter your moving needs, you can rest assured that you and your furry friend will be handled with expert care from start to finish.

Interested in learning more about our local and long distance moving services? Contact the Meehan’s Family Moving team today at (561) 904-6000 to schedule your free, no-obligation quote on our packing and moving services. We look forward to making your next big move easy!

Moving TIps

5 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Chances are that you’ve moved at least once in your life. If so, you know that moving can be a chaotic, time-consuming process. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle it can be easy to overlook things and make mistakes. At Meehan’s Family Moving, we want your next move to be a successful one.

Here are 5 of the most common moving mistakes and how you can avoid them to save your family time and money during your next move.

Moving Mistake #1: Deciding to D-I-Y

Don’t underestimate moving! When it comes to relocating, one of the biggest decisions you will face is whether to do the job yourself or hire professional movers. While most people assume that they can save some cash by doing the job themselves, the truth is that even a local DIY move requires an extensive amount of planning, time and money.

Doing-it-yourself can a huge liability. Today, most professional moving companies provide their customers with protection in the event of loss or damage to their property. However, when you decide to move on your own you assume total responsibility. This means that if you’re one of the many Americans that have never operated a large moving truck before, the experience can be intimidating, not to mention a potential hazard for yourself and other drivers.

It’s a common misconception to think that recruiting friends and family to help you move is a more cost-effective alternative to hiring professional movers. The truth is, there are hidden costs that most people don’t even think about. DIY moving can result in high gas bills from multiple trips back and forth, pricey moving truck and equipment rentals and costly relocation insurance. You will want to factor these hidden costs before making your decision.

Moving Mistake #2: Moving During “Rush Hour”

According to US Census data, almost 50 percent of all moves take place from June to September. The warmer weather and fact that school-aged children are on summer vacation make the summer months an attractive time for many people to move. So what can you do to avoid the dreaded moving “traffic jam”?

Start planning your move as early as possible. You will thank yourself later. If you are planning a summer move, try to book your move in the middle of the week and be sure to book a moving company ahead of time. If you start doing your research in July, chances are that most reputable movers in your area will already be booked and you may be stuck working with a shady company or paying higher prices for your moving services.

Mistake #3: Overexerting Yourself

One of the major benefits of hiring professional movers is the overall level of safety for everyone involved. Professional movers are highly trained and experienced in lifting heavy objects –in fact, it is something they do every day.

Therefore, it is best to leave the job up to the professionals to avoid personal injury or damage to your property. However, if you still decide to move on your own or recruit non-professionals to help, don’t make the mistake of assuming that you are immune to injuries or accidents.

To avoid personal injury, be sure ask for help when moving heavy items. Practice proper lifting techniques at all times to spare yourself from painful back injuries and be sure to review equipment guidelines carefully before use.

Lastly, keep small children, elderly people, and pets away from all the action on moving day to avoid potential danger to your loved ones.

Mistake #4: Taking Everything with You

Let’s face it, there are probably a ton of things in your home that you either don’t need or haven’t reached for in years. If you neglect the dreaded chore of downsizing your home before moving day, you will end up packing, moving, unpacking and storing an overwhelming amount of things. So how can you avoid this?

Set aside some time to go comb through every room in your home and separate the possessions you want to take with you. Be selective of what you take with you. You can even take advantage of this opportunity to have a garage sale or donate any unwanted items to your local donation center.

5. Hiring a Less-Than-Professional Moving Company

The movers you choose to hire will undoubtedly define your entire moving experience. That is why it is important to find licensed, insured, and trustworthy individuals who will take great care of your property, giving you peace of mind during your relocation.

Because your safety and property are at stake, this is not the best time to value price over quality. Be aware of scams and companies with deals that seem too good to be true and make sure to verify the company’s USDOT number, ask for credentials and references, and read online reviews from other customers to avoid getting scammed.

Make No Mistakes with Meehan’s Family Moving

Moving can be tricky. Don’t fall victim to these 5 common moving mistakes. Let Meehan’s Family Moving of Palm Beach County take care of all the hard work so that you can avoid costly mistakes and ensure the safety of your family.

For more information about what Meehan’s Family Moving can do for you, call us today at (561) 904-6000 for a complimentary, no-risk, no-obligation quote.

College Moving

5 Packing Tips for College Freshman

Packing for Your First Dorm Can Be Exciting and a Little Scary

For many people, moving into your first college dorm may be the first time you’re out in the world on your own. The realization of all this new freedom can be both liberating and frightening.

But what about packing? Amidst the chaos of college registration, orientation, and the pure excitement of finally going to college, sometimes the packing process gets put aside until the last minute.

But packing is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for your new dorm! Here are a few college packing tips for a successful move-in day.

1. Cleaning Products

Most people don’t like cleaning, so it’s easy to forget about bringing things you need to clean with. The worst way to remember that you forgot to bring a broom is when someone spills Doritos all over the floor during a study group.

It’s better to bring these things from home or to buy them before you move into your dorm. The prices for cleaning products tend to be a little steep on campus and you may not be able to have a car while living on campus as a college freshman.

2. Anything That Helps You Study

Don’t forget why you’re in college in the first place – to learn!

Everyone has different methods when it comes to studying. Whether you use your laptop, tablet, or flashcards to study, bring anything you’ll need to get the best grades you can get while you’re in college. It may be a little harder and more expensive to get these things after you move on campus.

3. Clothes and Laundry Detergent

Though it may be obvious that you’ll need to pack clothes, consider how many clothes you’re actually packing. Use this as an opportunity to get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore so that your dorm won’t be cluttered with clothes that are too small for you now.

Also, doing laundry on campus means that you’ll probably need to bring your own detergent. Your roommate will probably get annoyed after the third time you ask to “borrow” theirs.

4. Personal Hygiene Products

Some people use moving into their first dorm as an opportunity to neglect their personal hygiene because there’s no parents around to tell them to brush their teeth. This is not necessarily a good way to make friends.

Don’t become one of these people because you forgot your toothbrush and shampoo at home. There might be some you can purchase on campus, but it’s a much better idea to bring some from home to save money.

5. Something That Reminds You of Home

It’s normal to get a little homesick after moving into your first dorm. Once the excitement dies down, people sometimes start missing their family, friends, and pets back home.

It’s a good idea to bring something, like a special blanket or a picture of your family, that will comfort you whenever you start to miss home too much.

Move into Your First Dorm with Meehan’s Family Moving

It’s stressful enough worrying about packing and moving into your new dorm. Let Meehan’s Family Moving of Palm Beach County help with the most difficult part of the moving process so that you can worry about your first day of college instead.

For more information about what Meehan’s Family Moving can do for you, call us today at (561) 904-6000 for a complimentary, no-risk, no-obligation quote.

Eco-Friendly Moving

5 Ways to Make Your Move Environmentally Friendly

Moving from one home to another is all-consuming: it consumes tons of time, money, and resources. But if done right, this transition can spare both you and the environment a little stress (and some of your money). Here are a few green moving tips to get you started.

Have a Garage Sale

It’s always a good idea to sort through your things and decide what will be moving with you. But instead of throwing away the things you don’t want anymore, why don’t you have a garage sale? Even though it takes some setting up, you’re getting rid of your old things and making a little money on the side. Not a bad trade-off.

Use Old Clothes and Towels for Bubble Wrap

Why spend money on bubble-wrap (that you’re probably just going to throw away after you pop all the bubbles) when you can wrap up your valuables for free? Instead, use that towel or shirt you were going to get rid of. You can even cut them into small pieces of fabric as needed.

Use Plastic Bins Instead of Cardboard Boxes

Be honest. Are you gonna ever use all those cardboard boxes again? Instead of spending money on boxes that will probably end up in the dumpster anyway, it’s much more cost-effective to buy plastic bins to store your items. Plastic bins are sturdier, last longer, and are perfect for storing things in after you get settled in.

Recycle or Reuse Instead of Throwing Away

When you start the packing process, that also means you’re going to be getting rid of the things you’re not taking with you, and a lot of this is “garbage.” Instead of throwing away an empty milk carton, use it to store loose change around the house. Or you can use an empty container of butter as tupperware, or a place to store your needles and thread. Get creative; many things that would normally be thrown away can be reused for something else and can save you a decent amount of money.

Also, did you know that you can donate your electronics to be recycled? If you have electronics that you don’t want to take with you but would have difficulty selling, like a boxy desktop computer from the 1980’s, you can see if there’s a Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronics Challenge in your area. Donating old electronics is an excellent way to go green because all of the precious metals, plastic, and other materials that would otherwise go to waste can be reused.

Go Paperless

This is hard for a lot of people. Plenty of people prefer to have a tangible, hard copy of their important documents. But going paperless has its benefits besides being environmentally friendly.

By going paperless, you don’t have to worry about losing important business and personal files. You can scan and store all of your documents onto your computer. There are even apps that store and organize your records. It saves the trees in the rainforest, and a huge chunk of space in your new attic.

Go Green and Save Money With an Affordable Moving Company!

The best part about these green moving tips is that a lot of them also save you money. Meehan’s Family Moving is dedicated to giving you the best price to make your move as stress-free as possible, whether it’s a long-distance or local move. Call us at (561) 904-6000 for a free quote!

Meehan's Family Moving

Save Money by Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering Your Home Before You Move

If you’re getting ready to move, one of the things you’re going to want to do is declutter your home. This is a good process to go through, because over the years we often accumulate items we don’t really need.

The main reason to do this before a move is so that you don’t move items you don’t need. But there’s another advantage that might surprise you: decluttering your home can make you money, which can help pay for the move.

Get Rid of Old Clothes, Furniture, Books, and Toys

Some of the most obvious items you can get rid of are clothes, furniture, books, and toys that you no longer have use for. The prices you’ll get for these items vary widely based on the condition of the item and where you sell it.

Consignment shops and secondhand stores are usually good places to take your clothes and furniture, though if your items are particularly valuable, you may want to take them elsewhere. In general, you can expect anywhere from 15-75% of your item’s original value. (The main exception to this is antiques, which you’ll want to get appraised.)

Donations Can Save You Money, Too

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling your possessions, a good alternative is donation. Not only is donating items a good thing to do — it can also be used as a write-off when tax season comes around. That means you can save money and feel good doing it!

Ready to Move Out of Your Home?

Of course, once you’ve decluttered your home, you’ve actually got to go through the process of moving out! If you need help doing that, call Meehan’s Family Moving at (561) 904-6000.

The 6 Ingredients for a Perfect Move

Moving is an important event in everyone’s life. Whether you’re moving into a new house across town, or relocating for business, a move is an exciting time to plan a fresh start for you and your family.

But for some, local and long distance moves can be an overwhelming experience. Avoid the stress that moving can bring by planning ahead. Developing a moving day game plan is guaranteed to save you time and frustration, no matter how far you travel.

As you prepare for moving day, check out these six tips for organizing a stress-free move:

  1. Documentation: Keep all important documents in one file. These should include employment papers, rent, bank, credit, contracts, and your family’s medical records. If you’re moving to a new town or relocating out of state, use the same file to hold all of your personal traveling documents, such as tickets, itineraries, and passports. You’ll feel relieved that your documents are safe in one place come moving day.
  2. Packing Supplies: The right packing tools are essential for moves both large and small. Be sure to stock up on packaging tape, cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts. Almost in every move people tend to underestimate the amount of things they own. Consider purchasing plastic storage bins and other shipping containers for your movers to stack in the moving truck.
  3. Medication: Don’t forget to pack medication and other medical necessities for you and your family. Make sure you don’t pack any expired medicine. Prepare an emergency kit with everything you or your family members may need on moving day. This goes for family pets, too!
  4. Consider the Children: Plan ahead by packing your kid’s favorite toys, games, and snacks before moving day. It’s important to pack for your pets, as well. Remember to consider their needs and pack their bowls for food and water, especially for a long distance move.
  5. Tidy Up: Prepare your home before you leave. You’ll need cleaning supplies to help put your house or apartment in order, bags for the trash, and cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner, broom, or mop.
  6. Food and Drinks: Remember to pack food and drinks before you hit the road, especially if you’re traveling long distance. Don’t forget napkins and cutlery!

Local and Long Distance Moving in Palm Beach County, FL

If you’re looking for a quality moving company in Palm Beach, Meehan’s Family Moving is here to help.

Whether you need assistance for a local move, or need an extra hand with relocating long distance, our moving specialists will work with you to create a custom moving plan specifically for the unique needs of you and your loved ones.

We know that moving isn’t always one-man job. As third generation moving specialists, Meehan’s Family Moving will go the extra mile to ensure that all of your family’s needs are met, and aim above and beyond customer expectations.

We offer flexible moving services at fair prices. Call Meehan’s Family Moving today and receive a FREE estimate on your next local, long distance, or commercial move.

From full packing services to safe and reliable transportation, Meehan’s Family Moving has it all. Contact the Meehan’s Family Moving Team today! For more information, call: (561) 904-6000.