2019 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning 2019: Let’s Get Started!

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You may not have the most pleasant mental association when you think of spring cleaning. According to this infographic, 93% of people would rather be doing anything besides spring cleaning – 44% of those respondents said they’d rather speak in front of a large group. Still, it’s a necessary ritual that most Americans take part in, so they can shake off the dirt from the previous year and make space for the new one. To make it easier for you, Meehan’s Family Moving put together this list to get you moving on those chores.

Make A Plan

If you fail to plan, you’re planning for failure. People usually think Ben Franklin said this, but that may not be the case. Regardless, it’s good advice. Writing things down and making a list can make the task seem less overwhelming. It’s also very satisfying when you get to check off the items on your list and see your progress. Here’s a list from Martha Stewart that will get you started in the right direction.

Get Your Supplies Together

Nothing will slow you down more than having to run to the store for supplies. Before you begin, take an inventory of the cleaning supplies that you already have. Make sure you have enough to get you through all the tasks. If you’re not sure what you need, review this list of essential cleaning supplies. Replace that old broom and mop with a new one and clean out the filter in the vacuum. You can save on paper towels by using newspaper to clean windows. Not only that, it works better, too!

Get Motivated and Get Started

The best way to get started is simple – just get started! Find a task that’s small, get it done, and move on to the next one. If you need more motivation than that, break out the espresso and get ready to clean. With enough caffeine, you’ll be a human dynamo – unable to sit-still and looking for some way to channel your energy. That’s the perfect time to put the broom in your hand and make some progress. Crank the cleaning up to 11 – put on your favorite playlist or check out these spring cleaning playlists.

Bring Some Friends Along

You can ask your friends to help you, but be warned! You might get roped into helping them clean their house. Still, it’s an option. You can even sweeten the deal by offering to buy them pizza. If you have kids, have them to do their part. There are plenty of age-appropriate activities that children can help out with. Getting children involved with chores will teach them that cleanliness is important, and children who help with chores are more responsible.

Hire a Professional

If this list didn’t inspire you at all, this is the easiest option. A professional will have all the supplies, not to mention the expertise, to do the job. And let’s be honest, sometimes it just feels better to hire an expert and know that the job is in capable hands.

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What is a Relocation Specialist?


A relocation specialist is a professional who helps with aspects of the moving process, generally hired by clients who don’t have time to handle the process themselves. A relocation specialist is knowledgeable about the area their client is moving into and can suggest specific properties and real estate. They can also coordinate logistics like packing and unpacking.

That’s the general outline of what a relocation specialist does. But how exactly does the nitty-gritty of the job work? What are the benefits of hiring one? Read on to find out.

They Know Location

Almost more than anything else, what a relocation specialist can most help you with is zeroing in on a particular area once you know where you want to move. They have extensive knowledge of local schools, businesses, and services, and can advise and guide your moving decisions.

Looking to move into a specific income bracket? They know just the right little town that suits your needs. A relocation specialist is a far more relevant and comprehensive source of information than a google search or realtor.

Planning is Priority

The other main benefit to hiring a relocation specialist is if you don’t have time to deal with all of the logistics of your move. Relocation specialists can help you stay on budget, ensuring that you don’t spend more than you’ve allocated. Often, they have contacts with moving companies and can suggest one that caters to your needs and budget.

There are a thousand and one minor details that crop up when making a move. If you don’t have time to deal with them, a relocation specialist is there to handle them.

Who Uses a Relocation Specialist?

Those with high profile enough jobs to both be able to afford one, and lack time to handle all the details of a move themselves. CEOs, athletes, and high priced lawyers or doctors are all professionals for whom it doesn’t make sense to sweat the little stuff themselves.

For example, in a previous post, we looked at the process of how the president moves into the White House. A relocation specialist is exactly suited to that kind of situation, and would be invaluable: the president elect’s time is already at a premium, and figuring out furniture and decor details isn’t something that requires his personal attention.

Meehan’s Family Moving

Alas, some of us don’t have access to a relocation specialist. The next best thing? A moving company you can trust. Here at Meehan’s Family Moving we pride ourselves on making your move easy and as least stressful as possible.

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